What is Everyday Luxury?

You don’t need to be wealthy or even debt-free to live a 5-star life. Luxury is state of mind. Yes, there are trappings, but you don’t have to break the bank to look or feel the part. Explore this site to learn how to adopt a luxe lifestyle no matter where you are in life.

Everyday luxury:

  • Is a way of living that incorporates a 5-star lifestyle into your real life.
  • Requires only four things: courage, honesty, willingness to change, and confidence to be yourself!
  • Empowers you to be the stylist of your own life.
  • Is meant to be lived. Our lives and homes are not meant to be sterile museums.
  • Open to everyone. I’m female, but men and those who otherwise gender identify can live this life as well.
  • Fits every budget from minimum wage to wealthy. (Yes, you’ll see a lot of images/trappings of wealth, but those are things to aspire to and dream about. If you can’t afford them today, that is totally understandable – that’s why you’re here!)
  • Is both a mindset and a look you demonstrate through your clothing, home, etc.
  • Is a way to think positively, express gratitude and bring joy and riches (monetary and otherwise) into your life.
  • Is adaptable to any style you choose from classic French to modern to bohemian or anything in between.
  • Is meant to be stress-free and fun.
  • And most importantly…Something only YOU can define for YOUR life. I’ll give you my thoughts and opinions, but what you choose to do with them is up to you.

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