Feeling Good, How-to

10 Easy (and Free) Ways to Feel More Elegant

Luxury and elegance are – first and foremost – a state of mind. That means that feeling more elegant is as easy as changing your mind (or maybe your clothes.)

  1. Close your eyes and picture your dream life. Whether that means visualizing yourself stepping out of a limo in an elegant dress onto a red carpet or covered in jewels or on the runway (or in the audience) at a Paris fashion show, let your imagination take over. Eventually you’ll internalize how it feels to live that life.
  2. Listen to upbeat music. The genre doesn’t matter. If the music makes you feel more confident, it’s perfect. Whether that is classical or hip hop, embrace whatever gives you inner strength and makes you smile. My current favorite is this Spotify playlist for the first three seasons of Selling Sunset. Not only are the ladies on that show glamorous and rich as hell, all the music is by female artists and is about being a strong, successful woman.
  3. Wear your nice underwear. Seriously. You’ll feel more put together immediately.
  4. Take a bubble bath. Who doesn’t like to relax among the suds? That time of pampering will do wonders for your stress level, which will make you more likely to feel good about yourself.
  5. Put on your favorite outfit/shoes. It could be a little black dress ala Breakfast at Tiffany’s or a pair of thigh-high leather boots. Whatever makes you feel like the badass you are will immediately boost your mood.
  6. Paint your nails/do your hair/makeup. This will help you feel more presentable. It can also be a lot of fun to play around with your look. If you do it just for you, you can experiment. And if it doesn’t work, you’ll be the only one to see the mess and laugh about it.
  7. Drink out of a crystal glass or a wine goblet. This is totally a trick of the brain, but anything tastes better when you drink it out of a wine glass or a crystal glass–even water or milk. Plus, you’ll feel like a million bucks doing it.
  8. Wear a special piece of jewelry. I have a right-hand ring that was a gift from my parents for my 30th birthday. It’s one of the few real pieces of jewelry I own. Every time I wear it, I feel rich, not only because it has a diamond, but because I think of the love of the people who gave it to me. For you, this could be a family heirloom or even something you picked up for a dime at a flea market. All that maters is how it makes you feel.
  9. Clean your house. Okay, you might not feel elegant while you’re doing it, but you’ll feel better when you’re done. Then you can sit back and admire your digs, or if you don’t like them, think about what you want to do to improve them.
  10. Plan your next splurge. Whether you’re saving for a vacation or a night on the town, imagining it can be just as much fun (or more) than the experience itself. Plan it down to every detail. What will you wear, what color will your eyeshadow/underwear be? Who are you with? How do you feel? What do you smell, taste, touch? Let your imagination go wild.

Of course, you could always indulge in a little retail therapy or sip some champagne.

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