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10 Small Luxuries to Incorporate into Your Life

It’s easy to go overboard when implementing luxury into your life. It’s fun! it’s sparkly! It’s also expensive and if you do too much, you risk going bankrupt and/or looking gaudy, which is the opposite of what you want.

Here a few ways you can luxe without looking like someone went medieval on you with a bedazzler:

  1. If you want designer items and you can’t afford them, look for small things like a Kate Spade phone case, a designer pair or earrings, or a discount/knockoff version of a designer bag – most people won’t notice and if you hang out with the people who would, you likely have the money for the real thing.
  2. One the traditional symbols of wealth is crystal. Nowadays we can get a lot of glass, plastic or Lucite alternatives, which are cheaper. Just use them sparingly as decoration, not as your main decor – otherwise you’ll look like a teen girl’s room exploded on you. When I took modeling and etiquette classes back in the day, they advised to put on all the accessories you want to wear. Then step back and remove one because we always naturally overdo it. You can use the same advice for your home as well.
  3. Choose a base color and use variations of it throughout your home. White, black, gray, or beige are very common. You can do the same with your wardrobe if you do choose.
  4. Choose an accent color or metal and use it as a pop on a neutral pallet. Whether your neutral is white, black, gray, or beige adding an unexpected bright color or a metal can make your look unique. Just use it sparingly.
  5. Keep your taste consistent. This is similar to not mixing woods in your house (either go dark or light, not both unless you are a professional designer and know how to mix them). With clothing, the more consistent you are the more likely you are to find that multiple things in your closet do together. This will save you money and give you more options.

And don’t save the good stuff for special occasions! Every day you are alive is a special occasion.

  1. If you have it and like it, use the family crystal or china or silver. If not, sell it.
  2. Wear your favorite clothes and shoes just for you.
  3. Drink that expensive gift bottle of wine or whiskey.
  4. Wear the diamond you inherited (just not when cleaning or in questionable neighborhoods), even if (especially if) you aren’t married.
  5. If you can’t travel, treat yourself with a special meal (maybe in your back yard/balcony if weather permits) or a spa day as though you are on vacation.

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