Designer Jewelry on a Homespun Budget

I’m not usually one for designer clothing or accessories, but I do have a weakness for Chanel jewelry. Ever since I was a teenager and saw my cousin (who was a designer clotheshorse) wearing those interlocked Cs on a pair of earrings, that logo has been the height of luxury for me.

The necklace I bought from Amgo Jewlery

Unfortunately, I can’t afford $4,000-$8,000 for a necklace yet. But luckily, I’ve found several sites that offer great imitations from anywhere from $20-$150 and up. (Here’s a fun article on Elle about replica handbags — according to them, Reddit is a great place to find other sources of replicas.)

  • Amgojewelry – This is a company out of Ottawa, Canada, that sells Chanel replica jewelry. I have purchased a necklace from them and I love it. Their jewelry is very high quality and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • 5republica – They offer a variety of designer imitation accessories from shoes to handbags to jewelry and sunglasses and more. I have not ordered from them yet, but I may in the future. I can’t find where they are from, so it is likely somewhere in Asia.
  • Rocksbox – You won’t find the BIG name designers in this subscription service, but Kendra Scott, Kate Spade and others aren’t bad, right? You can subscribe for $21/month. That gets you a credit of $26 to use toward purchasing one or more of the items in your box (you select a wishlist of 12 items and Rocksbox selects three to send you at a time–you can keep them as long as you want, but your monthly credit expires at the end of each month). Items are sold to members at prices discounted from retail. I’ve been a member for about a year, and I can tell you, this is top quality jewelry, and all of it is under $100/piece (prices start around $30 and go up into the $80s and they have sales from time to time).
  • Amazon – Amazon has some jewelry inspired by your favorite designers and is by far the cheapest place to buy. Just search the designer name and “replica,” “faux,” or “imitation” and you will get results. Some of it is cheap and is mass produced in Asia, so I recommend reading the reviews before purchasing. You do get what you pay for.
  • Etsy – Enterprising jewelry artists sell all kinds of replicas, everything from designer buttons turned into pendants to pretty darn close imitations of the real thing. Remember that you are paying for the artist’s material and labor (as it should be), so the cost will be higher than on Amazon, and is sometimes comparable to the replica sites at the top of this list.

I know some people say this is brand and even trademark infringement, and they are correct to an extent. It’s one of those gray lines in the law. In the U.S., it is legal to sell items “inspired by” designer names, as long as you declare what you are selling is not the real thing; not doing so would be fraud. (I’m not a lawyer, but this was I gleaned from the internet.) If you aren’t comfortable buying from them, please don’t. I don’t personally suffer from replica guilt, but some people do.

If you want the real thing, but at a fraction of the cost, there are also resale sites that let you buy “gently used” jewelry. For most people reading this, that is likely still out of range, but if you have the money, more power to you:

  • The Real Real – I just recently discovered this site and I LOVE it. They have fab sales all the time. And they have a few brick and mortar stores across the country.
  • Poshmark – One of the best known resale sites out there.
  • FarFetch
  • Luxury Garage Sale
  • An don’t forget your local thrift stores. You’d be amazed what people give away.

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