What is Everyday Luxury?
Everyday Luxury is elegance that is lived in. You can make your home or your life into a museum or a magazine spread, but how realistic is that? I’m all about authenticity. If you have children or pets, your house is not going to be photo-ready most of the time; if you have a busy schedule you’re style is not going to be on point all of the time. And if you’re on a budget, you’re not going to be able to have all the luxury items in Vouge or Travel and Leisure. And that is totally okay. You can still live a luxurious life.

This site is for real people with real budgets. I am not a model or an influencer, nor do I care to be. I’m not rich, nor am I pretending to be. I’m middle class, but I’ve always had dreams of grandeur. Instead of waiting for the dreamed of day that I am rich, I decided to incorporate luxury into my life to the extent of my ability. It takes some hard work (sometimes literally when you are DIY), creative thinking, and positive visualization, but it can be done.

What Everyday Luxury Is:

  • Embracing who you are.
  • Learning how to live your best life with the resources you have.
  • Enjoying the life you have right now, while visualizing an even better one for the future.

What Everyday Luxury Is Not:

  • Advice on becoming an influencer.
  • A get-rich quick lifestyle.
  • A pretend you are rich lifestyle.

I’m going to give you my advice and opinions, but that is all they are. In the end, you have to live your life according to your own preferences. If you don’t agree with me, that is totally fine. Do what is right for you.

Oh and by the way, I tend to use the terms luxury, elegance, lux, and luxe interchangeably.

Why Everyday Luxury?
I started this site as part of my own quest to manifest the life I truly¬† wanted rather than settle for what I felt I could have. The lessons learned came quickly, so I thought, “Why not share them with others?”

When I turned 40, I felt myself changing again. (We all live multiple lifetimes in one. In my life I’ve been a wanna-be nun, a groupie, a theatre geek, and totally lost.) It really had nothing to do with the number, but more with where I am in life, mentally and in my career. COVID-19 and a sudden long-term work from home situation galvanized me to improve my home since I was there all the time. When I was thinking about the style I was going for, the phrase “everyday luxury” came to me. That bled over into the rest of my life because I suddenly realized who I really was and I wanted everything to reflect that.

I was frustrated because I could find a lot of sites for men on how to live a “gentlemanly” life, (My favorite is Gentleman’s Gazette. It has aspects women can enjoy as well.) but i couldn’t find many for women that weren’t flaunting wealth (or at least perceived wealth) or people trying to become lifestyle influencers. So I decided to start my own.

Who are you?
I’m Nicole Evelina. I’m not a lifestyle expert, but I can offer advice on what I have learned, one real, everyday person to another.

This site uses affiliate links. If I recommend a product, I may receive a small commission if you use the link on my site to purchase it. I am not being paid to endorse any product. All recommendations are my own.
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